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Before School Program
All day, winter, spring and Half day camp

"We are proud to have been serving Howard County Schools since 1999.
Over the years, we have received numerous recommendations from teachers and school faculties, attesting to our commitment and service."

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  • A safe and positive nurturing environment 

KG-8th Grade

PARENTS: Your Child will love our Programs:

“When you enroll your child in our After-School Program at Wilde Lake Karate, you’re getting much more than just top-tier care and academic assistance.

We introduce your child to the world of martial arts. Numerous studies have highlighted how martial arts can bolster a child’s confidence and nurture essential leadership skills. At the heart of our program, we focus on building high self-esteem, a trait consistently linked to our specialized martial arts training.

But there’s more:

Wilde Lake Karate’s After-School Program offers a comprehensive experience – Multiple Activities for the Price of One.

Enjoy the blend of our convenient After-School care coupled with exciting Martial Arts lessons, sports, and games.

Options to fit your schedule: Full-time programs run 5 days a week, and part-time options are available three days a week.

For added convenience, we offer transportation to and from the schools listed above.”

"In our after-school initiative, we impart martial arts skills intertwined with core life values, nurturing our young learners to be life's true champions."

**Wilde Lake Karate Center: Fusing Martial Arts with Holistic Development and Kids’ Fitness**

Kindly be informed that the Wilde Lake Karate Center does not operate as a conventional childcare facility. Our essence is rooted in providing a specialized Martial Arts & Sport After-school Program that emphasizes martial discipline and all-rounded kids’ fitness.

**Peek into Our Day-to-Day Activities:**

1. **Welcome Ritual**: Upon arrival, students transition into their Taekwondo uniforms, setting the tone for an afternoon brimming with education, enjoyment, and fitness.

2. **Academic Commitment**: Before embracing the physical rigor, students dedicate time to their educational assignments. Our committed staff are on standby to lend a helping hand with any challenging academic tasks.

3. **Tailored Groupings**: Understanding the distinctiveness of every child, we categorize students based on age, academic grade, and martial arts expertise. This guarantees tailored training and focused attention.

4. **Dive into Martial Arts & Fitness**: Central to our ethos is martial arts training. From Monday through Thursday, students delve into sessions that span Karate, Taekwondo, and self-defense maneuvers. Additionally, our facility is equipped with various fitness tools specifically designed for kids. These tools add a fun element to their routines and aid in building their strength and endurance.

5. **Festive Fridays**: Fridays at Wilde Lake Karate Center resonate with enthusiasm. The day starts with tip tests, allowing students to display their acquired skills. Subsequently, the atmosphere relaxes with a mix of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

6. **Nature’s Play & Strength Building**: Leveraging our strategic location, we have the privilege of an adjacent outdoor playground and expansive field. This offers children bountiful chances to indulge in sports or simply revel in playground antics. Moreover, our range of specialized equipment is geared towards letting kids have fun while simultaneously building their strength, ensuring a perfect balance between play and fitness.

At the Wilde Lake Karate Center, our dedication lies in creating a symbiotic blend of physical agility, intellectual evolution, and kids’ fitness, guiding our students on a path of holistic growth.

We are as interested in your child’s education as you are. Wilde Lake Karate offers an incentive program for good report cards. We work together to ensure all students do their best at school; please let us know how to help.

Before School Program

Schools we Service for Before Schools:

We offer Free One class a week during our Evening Classes for before school students.

Classes offer on:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6 pm -7 pm

Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center is Not A Child Care Service; We are a Martial Arts and Sports program.