Dear Parents

We are excited and happy to have your child in our program.

We have been serving our community since 1999; we want to welcome you and your child to our family; we work together to see our children grow happy and disciplined for their future; please communicate with us if we can be of any help to your child/children, we are here for each other as Wilde lake karate’s family.

If your child is new to our program, We offer one free half-day or full-day in our summer camp or one entire day during the Before-After school program to make your child restful and ease into our program.

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Master Kevin Agahi (7th Dan from World Taekwondo Federation), Director of Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center

Below you can find much helpful Information.


Homework time, Karate, Taekwondo, Self-defense, gymnastics, and indoor and outdoor games.
We have access to an outdoor playground and open field for kids to play sports or at the playground during our daily schedule.
Upon arrival at Wild Lake Karate, students will be changed into their Martial Arts uniforms and do their homework. All students will be divided to their age, grade, and martial arts experience. Your child’s daily schedule is available after being assigned to the group. Schedule of activities 
Staff will assist with the homework; however, we will not tutor the students, which is the parent’s responsibility. Please be sure the children have their homework supplies. After homework, students will have Taekwondo, karate, games, and sports time indoors and outdoors. Martial Arts lessons will be Monday thru Thursday. On Fridays, we will have indoor and outdoor tip tests, games & Sports.
We are as interested in your child’s education as you are. Wilde Lake Karate offers an incentive program for good report cards. We work together to ensure all students do their best at school; please let us know how we can help your child’s specific needs as we work with you.


The karate/Taekwondo uniform is to be treated with respect, which shows unity and pride in our school. Therefore, the uniform should always be kept clean and neat. Please be sure to put your child’s name on the pants’ inside waistband and the top’s inside collar.

During pick-up time, All students will leave with their uniforms. Upon arriving, please ensure students fold and neatly put their uniforms in their backpacks for the next day.
Tip testing will be awarded throughout the program. In addition, the curriculum of all belts is available on our website.

When Howard County Schools Closed All day by the 2023-24 school calendar

When schools are closed per Howard County school’s calendar, we will notify you by email to register for Day-Camp if you need day camp; we open from 6:45 am- 6:00 pm on Day Camps.
Fee program.

Inclement Weather Camp or Half day dismissal.

Your child’s safety is our first concern; depending on the roads and whether we make our most efforts to be open, you will be notified by email or phone in advance if we are closed or having day camp.
Snow Day Cost is the same as day Camp.

On the days that Howard County schools are closed, parents should sign up in advance by Online registration.

We offer Half-Day Camp.  

When Howard County Schools dismiss 3 hours early by the school year 2023-24 school calendar

(Half Day Program is Only available for students in our Before, After, and B/A Transportation included )

Family discount of 2-3 children, If your children are coming Full Time in the morning and afternoon, there are no fees for 3 Hours of Early Dismissal.

Click here to register for Half-Day Camp.


When your child earns a green belt and up, we offer Sparring classes that require sparring Gear.
As in any sport, there is equipment and uniforms to purchase. Karate/Taekwondo is no exception; we will notify you when your child needs to attend extra classes; there are no fees required for additional courses. In addition, there will be a belt testing every few months, depending on your child’s skills, 

Tuition and Payments Options

Your invoice sends monthly by our billing from

Payment options and methods of payment are included on your invoice.

Drop off & pick up Time information

We open at 6:30 am daily; all drop off must be before 8:10 am.  
Pick-up time is between 5:45 pm and 6:00 pm.
Please call us if you will be late due to unforeseen circumstances; late pick-up is available with fees. Please speak to staff or send an email to arrange a late pick at

Belt Test

Please click here for all belt test fees and requirements. 


1. Notify your child’s school that Wilde Lake Karate After School Program will pick up your child.
2. Ensure your child wears their nametag for the first two weeks until the instructors become familiar with all children; we recommend visiting us a few times before school starts.
3. If your child does not go to school because they are sick, etc., you must notify Wilde Lake Karate as soon as possible by emailing so that we can inform all drivers.
4. Payments are made monthly before the 5th of each month.
5. There will be no adjustments for days your child doesn’t attend. In addition, thereafter-school programs have no partial weekly or daily rates; our programs are monthly tuitions.
6. Check our lost and found weekly.
7. Please be sure to write your child’s name on the inside waistband of the pants and the collar of the top: equipment, water bottles, and belts.
8. If you wish to cancel the program, we must have a 30-day written notice.
9. If you sign your child up for Day Camp and change your mind, you are responsible for paying.
10. Send your child healthy snacks for after-school Time.


1. Be at the appropriate place at pick-up time.
2. Buckle up in the van/car, and ask for help if you can’t put your seatbelt on.
3. Change into your uniform when you get to Wilde Lake Karate.
4. Put belongings inside the cubes.
5. Do your homework. Be respectful of others who are also doing their homework. If you have a question or need help, raise your hand.
6. No running inside the building unless you are instructed.
7. Use inside voices.
8. Do not TOUCH, PUNCH, HIT, KICK, PINCH (or any other form of contact) another student or instructor. 9. Follow all instructions and directions that your instructor gives.
10. No foul language or name-calling is allowed; we always respect each other.


Wilde Lake Karate Martial Arts After School Program is based on the contract between Parents or legal guardians and their children for martial arts classes.
We occasionally find it necessary to apply our discipline policy to maintain a safe and quality program.

We feel that effective and positive ways of behavior management are:

1. REDIRECTION: We will stop the child and calmly learn what has happened, why, and how they see it, and then suggest other ways of handling the situation. Then, we will redirect their attention.
2. SEPARATION: We will have the child play apart from the rest of the group and rest for a short time. This allows them to calm down. Then we will explain
other ways of good behavior.
3. IA parent conference will be held if a child’s behavior remains problematic, If there is little or no improvement in the child’s behavior after the parent conference, termination of enrollment may become necessary.
Termination of enrollment will be at the discretion of Wilde Lake Karate After School. Program Administrative Staff.

Mask Rules/Covid

Thank you
GrandMaster Kevin Agahi
Master Tania Agahi
Master Dimitar G
Master Charles Wallace
Head Instructor Ramsey Instructor TJ
Instructor Ruben
Instructor Peter
Instructor Jonathan
Assistant Instructor Timothy 

Assistant Instructor Allison Assistance Instructor Joseph Assistant Instructor James Nurse & Health Staff Farzaneh Agahi

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