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Release, Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, Indemnification Form and Notice of Consumer Rights

Waiver -Consumer Rights-Membership
Mother, Father or Guardian

waiver and release of Liability, Assumption of Risk,Indemnification, discipline policy,Consumer Rights and Membership

I understand that there are numerous risks associated with the participation in activities at the Summer Camp- Before & Afterschool Program, martial arts, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, bowling, swimming, skating, as well as other sports, amusement rides, slot car racing, and attendance at water parks and animal shows and any other activities that the Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center (“WLK”) participates in with my child....

I acknowledge that any and all of these risks are inherent in these activities and that these activities, and other activities in which my child might engage in pose the possibility of severe injury, illness, and other risks that cannot be eliminated, altered, or controlled.

I also acknowledge that motor vehicle accidents may occur in the course of transporting camp participants to or from activities. or during before & after school transportation, summer camp, or day camp field trips. I give permission for my child to participate in all Summer Day Camp, before-after, day camp school activities, and any activities provided through WLK including, but not limited to those described above and in the weekly schedule.

I acknowledge and assume the risks involved in these activities and for any damage, illness, injury, or death resulting from such risks to myself and my child.I confirm that there are no physical, emotional, or mental problems or limitations associated with my child's participation in summer camp before and after school and all other activities, except as disclosed by me in writing to WLK. RELEASE, WAIVER OR LIABILITY, AND INDEMNIFICATION: In consideration of my child being permitted to participate in WLK’s Summer Day Camp, Day Camp, Before & After School Program I, on behalf of myself and my child, do hereby release and forever discharge Wilde Lake Karate and Learning Center, Inc., its officers, agents, representatives, and employees, of and from all manner of actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or in equity, with respect to any injury, illness, damage, or death occurring to my child while he or she participates in any and all camp programs and activities.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Wilde Lake Karate and Learning Center, Inc. and its officers, agents, representatives, and employees, with respect to any claim asserted by or on behalf of my child as a result of property damage or personal injury, illness, damage or death, which indemnity and holding harmless includes any attorney's fees and costs.

I have read and understood the above and agree to be bound by the terms of this document.

Authorization and Waiver: I hereby authorize WLK to act on my behalf in an emergency requiring medical attention or any other humane action. I hereby waive and release WLK from all liability for any injuries or illnesses incurred. I understand that participation in summer camp, before and after school program (martial arts classes), and all other activities inside and outside WLK involves physical activity and as such carries with it the risk of injury. Should an injury occur, all medical expenses incurred are the sole responsibility of the participant or participant’s family, this includes all activities inside and outside this facility.

I authorize and give permission for the Ride Form Authorization of Transportation. I hereby authorize WLK to transport my child to all activities. If I elect NOT to have my child participate in a particular activity, I will notify the school in writing of my decision. Furthermore, I will make alternative arrangements for my child for the duration of the planned activity. I have documented below all precautions and instructions regarding my child’s medication. I have noted any special Health-related conditions or allergies regarding my child.

I agreed to all the above waiver of liabilities by signing my name of this liability waiver for WLK. I agreed to WLK’s SCHOOL DISCIPLINE POLICY as below. WLK’s Martial Arts After School Program is a program based on the contract between parents and legal guardians and their children for taking martial arts classes. To maintain a safe and qualitatively sound program, we occasionally find it necessary to apply our discipline policy.

We feel that effective and positive methods of behavior management are:
(1) REDIRECTION: We will stop the child and calmly learn what has happened, why, and how they see the issue, and then suggest other ways of handling the situation. Then, we will redirect their attention.
(2) SEPARATION: We will have the child play apart from the rest of the group and rest for a short time. This allows them to calm down. Then we will explain other ways of good behavior.
(3) If a child's behavior remains problematic, a parent conference will be held. If there is little or no improvement in the child's behavior after the parent conference, termination of enrollment may become necessary. Termination of enrollment will be at the discretion of WLK’s staff.

Testing Fees. In order to cover the costs of registration, promotion, certificates and a new belt, a testing fee is charged at each examination.
4. Entire Balance Due. If you repudiate this contract in writing, breach any provision, or don’t make a payment within 20 days of your due date, we can suspend your membership privileges and require you pay the entire balance of what you owe, less any refund to which you are entitled as descried under “Payment”.
5. Default. You will be in default if you haven’t paid us everything you owe by the scheduled end of this contract, or if he entire balance of what you owe becomes due and you don’t pay us. After the scheduled end of this contract, you agree to pay interest at the Annual Percentage Rate stated on the front on that part of the amount financed which you still owe until you pay in full. We may get a court judgment against you for what you still owe and you agree to pay any court costs and reasonable lawyer’s fees involved in collecting this contract to be set by the court. Any judgment shall bear interest at the highest rate allowed by law. Even if our schools and services are not used, you are still responsible for payment under this contract.
6. Bad Check Charge: If your checks for any payment under this contract are returned for insufficient fund on the second presentment, you may be charge a bad check fee of $30.00 or the maximum amount permitted by law, and when application, a late charge as well as another charges allowed by law.
7.Late Charge. You will be charged $15.00 or 5% of the amount in default; whichever is greater, if a payment is not made on the due date.
8.Transferring This Contract. We can transfer this contract to an independent financial institution, or we may refer it to another company for collection.

9.Our Rules and Regulations: The member shall follow all of the rules and regulations of the school, including hours of operation, which have been made available to you and are posted in the school. We can revoke your membership privileges if these rules and regulations are not followed, and we expressly reserve the right to change these rules, regulations and hours of operation. In addition, we expressly reserve the right to add to, eliminate, or alter any piece of martial equipment, furniture or fixture, when deemed necessary of desirable, if in our judgment it is in the best interest of our members.

10. Release of liability: It is understood that due to the nature of the training which is being provided by school that accidents do from time to time occur. While all precaution will be taken to assure the safety of all students, it is impossible to guarantee that such accidents will not occur. If you are involved in an accident which subjects you to any injury, you agree to hold school harmless and further that neither you, a parent, a guardian or any other financially responsible person will take no action against school.

11. Change Of Contract: Any change in this contract may only be made if both you and School agree in writing to any such charge.
12.Age or Parental Consent Certification: By signing this contract, you are certifying that you are either of legal of age or that you are signing this contract as parent or legal guardian of minor, and by signing this contract on behalf of any minor, you hereby agree that you shall be responsible for all payments due hereunder and that you will indemnify and hold School harmless for any injuries, losses, or damages sustained to anyone as a result of the minor’s participation in this program of instruction.

13. Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Maryland, and that there are no other agreements, terms, promises or obligations of either you or us which are not contained within this agreement. If any clause or provision of this agreement is unenforceable under any present or future law, the remainder of this agreement will not be affected thereby.

14. Relocation Provision: In the event that any enrolled student moves their residence more than 25 miles from any training location of school or any other school which has agreement with member school, student may cancel their membership without charge. In the event that a cancellation is effected in this manner, member school requires written proof of new residence along with the name address of new employer if applicable. If your membership is canceled due the relocation provision being evoked, school may keep all initiation fees along with any pro-rated portion of your membership dues, which have been earned up to the date of cancellation. If you cancel under this provision and have not paid all dues earned up to the date by school, it is understood that school will initiate legal action against you and intends to seek all legal and other court costs as well.

15. Cancellation for Medical Reasons: while this contract is in effect and the member submits written documentation from a physician indicating that continued use of school facilities would impair the students health and well being, this contract may be canceled provided that all dues and fess earned by school at the time have been paid. In this situation, the student must authorize school the ability of contacting the student’s physician to verify the condition being used to cancel this agreement. In addition and as in #15, school has the right to keep all initiation fees eared and paid, except as provided for in the notice of Consumer Right. 16.Relocation Of School. We reserve the right to relocate or consolidate school location within a fifteen (15) mile radius of the current location. We will make a good faith effort to replace with comfortable facilities.

Notice of Consumer Rights: Our Health club registration number is (--E 2929----). The school is not required to carry a performance bond under Maryland law since we don’t collect more than three month’s payment in advance or $200.00 in initiation fees. You have the right to cancel this agreement within three (3) business days (including Saturday) after the date this contract is signed. Cancellation must be in writing. After three (3) days all new students are under first six (6) months of membership and all current students under monthly membership, in case current and new students after six (6) months need to cancel their membership, they must give thirty (30) days written notice. (the 6 months membership only applies to students on Before School and After school. Any unpaid tuition will send to collections agency and all cost associated with collections are member responsibilities, no refund for absent in program.

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