**Weather-Related Updates from Wilde Lake Karate**

**Howard County Schools Full-Day Closures Due to Weather:**
In the event that schools are closed due to snowstorms or other adverse weather conditions, Wilde Lake Karate strives to offer an All-Day Camp. Should we decide to run the camp, we’ll notify parents via email. The cost for current members is $55.00 and for nonmembers is $75.00. registration details are provided in the notification email.

**Howard County Schools Early Dismissals Due to Weather:**
Should schools announce an early dismissal due to unexpected weather events, Wilde Lake Karate (WLK) will endeavor to pick up all students for our Half-Day Camp. We’ll dispatch timely emails with updates and necessary guidance. If road conditions are deemed hazardous, we recommend parents retrieve their children from Wilde Lake Karate at their earliest convenience. It’s important to note that the Half-Day Camp is exclusive to those enrolled in our Before & After school programs. The fee for the Half-Day Camp stands at $25.00.

**Schools Experiencing Delays Due to Weather:**
In cases where schools announce a delay ranging between 2-3 hours, we offer a specialized service for students. Parents can, with prior registration, drop their children at our facility, from where we’ll ensure they are transported to school. This service is reserved for those in our Before & After school programs. A fee of $35.00 is charged for this provision.

To guarantee a spot and seamless operations during weather disturbances, we strongly urge parents to register their wards in advance. This proactive approach aids us in coordinating transportation and ensuring the right supervision during the delay.