Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome/ welcome back to our fun and learning Before & After-school program.

Here you will find helpful information regarding the upcoming school year.

Please take time to review the information and contact us if something is unclear or you are uncertain about the routine.

How to Contact Us

Email: or Preferred Method

Call: 410-884-7340

Text 443-857-5010 

Billing: any questions about your bill must be sent only to

Notify your child’s School

Notify your child’s school that Wilde Lake Karate will pick up your child. You may add us to your child’s school file emergency contact.

Notify Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center when your child is not going to school.

Click here for Absent Form  

Any time you don’t need us to pick up your child from school for any reason, you must contact us before noon on the same day.

Please understand any late notice or no notice will make our drivers late to other schools or late to go back to WLK.

Drivers/instructors will not leave the school without your child unless they are notified of your child’s absence.

If you don’t notify us more than two times, cancelation of the program or a penalty fee may apply.

Before School Program -Drop Off at Wilde Lake Karate and take it to schools.

Drop off your child before 8 am; the latest drop-off is at 8:10 am.

We open at 6:45 am; you may drop off your child from the back or front door or accompany your child inside WLK. If Breakfast needs to be purchased from the Bagel bin, staff will help your child. Any money must be given to the team to be kept at the office.

Morning students will take the chance to have the following schedule of activities.

Mondays– Games indoor/outdoor

Tuesdays– Martial Arts, Reading, Board Games

Wednesdays– Martial Arts class review & Games

Thursdays– Martial Arts class review & Games

Fridays– Games indoor/outdoor

Schedule subject to change during the school year 2022-23

Students will take our buses/Vans from Wilde Lake karate to their schools on time.

How We Pick up From Schools

We will notify all Howard County schools that WLK will be picking up your child, Howard County school’s staff will call for Wilde Lake Karate bus during dismissal time, and we pick them up typically where the school buses line up; some schools have us park at their designated area.

Pick up from WLK

Pick-up times are between 5:40 pm and 6:00 pm. From Front Door Only.

Please notify us immediately if you need to pick up your child late due to traffic or any unforeseen circumstances.

 Please do not walk to the main floor to look for your child; our staff will help students gather their belongings and come to you.


First Week & Typical Day at After School Program

During the first week, We will group up all students by age and Martial arts experiences into three groups A, B, and C, and we will email you, their schedule; students will receive their taekwondo/Karate uniform during the first week.(This Year We will have Black Karate T-shirt and Black pants in addition to Unifrom

Our program includes the following activities each week

1- Homework time

2- Martial Arts Classes

3- Floor Gymnastics

4- Games indoor/outdoor

5- Sports outside

6- Playground.

Schedules are subject to change due to the weather or daylight saving.

Taekwondo/Karate Uniform

This Year We will have Black Karate T-shirt and Black pants in addition to unifrom.

Students Must bring their Taekwondo/Karate uniform/T-shirt from Monday through Thursday. Uniform/T-shirt can be left in students’ backpacks to avoid leaving them at home. No uniform is needed on Fridays unless you receive an email from us.

All students will change to Uniform/T-shirts at Wilde Lake Karate, Students cannot change back at WLK; please make sure their uniform/T-shirt and pants put back in their backpacks for next-day classes.

All Day Camp

Howard County has designated days that schools are closed all day; please click here for HC School Calendar.

Please fill out our online registration form if your child needs to attend our All-Day camp. The online registration form has all the days that we open during Howard County’s school closed days year 2022-23.

Please Click Here For the All Days Camp Form.

What to send with your child for All-Day Camp?

1– Lunch, snacks, or lunch money, money must be given to staff to keep in a backpack.

2- Camp T-shirt, Camp T-shirt will be the same as the summer camp 2022 designed, a camp t-shirt available for purchase.

3- Optional, Board games, toys, or anything that your child like to share and enjoy playing with other students

Half-Day Camp- 3 Hours Early dismissal

Howard County school has designated days that school closed 3 hours early. If you need your child to attend a Half-Day camp, please fill out our online registration form. We will pick students up from school our Half-Day camp includes transportation.

Please Click Here For the Half Days Camp Form.

Howard County Schools All Day Closed Due to Weather

Sometimes Howard County Schools are closed by prior announcements due to snowstorms or inclement weather.

We at Wilde Lake Karate will do our best to remain open for an All-Day Camp for those days. WLK will send out emails if we can open for Camp, and the price will be the same as a day camp.

Please click here for the Inclement weather Registration form

Howard County Schools Early Dismissals Due to Weather

Sometimes Howard County Schools have early dismissal without prior announcements due to snowstorms or other inclement weather. We at Wilde Lake Karate will do our best to pick up all students for the Half-Day Camp. We will send out emails, and the price will be the same as a Half-Day camp. We courage parents to pick up students early from Wilde Lake Karate for a safety matter, significantly when roads are affected.


Please pay all your tuition/Invoices on time. They are due on the first day of each month. We have tuition options that you can pay half of your tuition by the 1st of each month and the other half before the 12th of the same month.

Please send any questions or concerns regarding your invoice/tuition to

Belt Test & Tip Test  (click here for more info)

Belt Tests: Students will be tested for earning a higher belt based on their readiness, belt level, times between each belt, and all tips by the WLK Curriculum and parents’ permission. We will send announcements for belt tests in advance.

Tip Test: To take the Belt test, students must earn all tips. Tip tests take place during classes.

Covid19-masking and precautions

We require all students, instructors, and parents to use masks inside. All students must wash their hands before walking inside or eating.

If your child shows any symptoms of covid, they must stay home, and negative test results require upon return to Wilde Lake Karate.

Thank you


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