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  1. Enroll Your Child:

    • Visit the provided registration link Enrollments or Browse Programs
    • Begin by enrolling your child into the desired program(s).
  2. Create Your Account:

    • After enrolling your child, you’ll be prompted to create your own Enrollsy account.
    • Follow the instructions to set up your login details.
  3. Account Access:

    • Once your child is enrolled and your account is created, you can access your account portal online.
    • We recommend downloading the Enrollsy app for added convenience.
  4. Payment Plans:

    • Within your account portal, you can choose your preferred payment plan (monthly, bi-monthly, etc.).
  5. Payment Setup:

    • Make your initial payment using the provided payment instructions.
    • Set up auto-payments or manually make payments through your account portal.
  6. Future Invoices:

    • Starting from the next billing cycle, you’ll receive invoices automatically via the Enrollsy portal.
    • You can review and manage all your billing and program information from your account.

For Current Before-After School Here are the steps to follow:

1. **Access the System**: Please go to the Registration Link Here or click on enrollments 

2. **Enrollments**: Select the ‘Enrollments’ option, Current School Year 2023-24 
3. **Registration Process**: Follow the registration steps and enter all the necessary information.
4. **Enter Child/Children Information**: Provide details of your child or children.
5. **Program Selection**: Choose the ‘Current School Year 2023-24’ program.
6. **Program Type**: Select the appropriate program type.
7. **Payment Plan**: Pick your preferred payment plan and complete the registration.8.** Registration for the current year 2023-24 payments will start from 03/01 and don’t have any registration fee.

**Special Offer for Current students to Register for 2024-25 Before-After School ProgramsOnce you create your account and log in, you can also register for the school year 2024-25. Please use the coupon code “IAMWLK” to waive the registration fee. This offer is available until 03/01/2024.
Summer Camp Registration 2024 
Kindly register at your earliest convenience to access payment plan options and secure your enrollment positions.