Black Belt Attitude

Black Belt Attitude Requirements for students

  1. I will begin each day with a positive attitude.
  2.  I will greet everyone with a friendly smile and friendly greeting every day.
  3.  I will strive to always be honest in everything I do.
  4.  I will take pride in being respectful to everyone and using good manners.
  5.  I will take responsibility for my actions and will not make excuses.
  1. I will show respect for my own and others’ property.
  2.  I will always be on time and be prepared to do whatever I have to do.
  3. I will work toward my dream and I will encourage others to follow their dream.
  4. I will be compassionate toward those who are less fortunate.
  5. I will cooperate with others and compete only against myself.
  1.  Be loyal to your country.
  2.  Be respectful of elders.
  3.  Respect each other.
  4.  Be honest.
  5. Help each other.
  6.  Be loyal to yourself and your family.
  7.  Obey and be loyal to your instructor.
  8.  Respect and trust your teachers.
  9.  Be loyal to your friends.
  10.  Be on good terms with your brothers and sisters.
  11.  Be a good son or daughter to your parents.
  12.  Always stand by the weak.
  13.  Be loyal to your Do Jang.
  14.  Never retreat in battle (challenges).
  15.  Always finish what you started.

Green Belt requires Essay about Courtesy

Blue Belt requires Essay about Self Control

Purple Belt requires Essay about Integrity

Brown Belt requires Essay about Indomitable Spirit

Red Belt requires Essay about Loyalty


Five Tenets of Wilde Lake Karate/taekwondo

Is giving a bow, to Black Belts and instructors who show you how, it’s doing your chores before being asked and being helpful in every class. It’s a simple word like “thank-you” and “please”, and never-no-never to hurt or to tease.

It the simple rule of being honest at home and in school. It’s never cheating when taking a test or thinking you’re better than all of the rest. To lie or to steal just wouldn’t be right, so try to be honest with all of your might.

It tells the heart you’re going to finish the things that you start. It’s refusing to quit when the going gets tough or starting to cry when sparring gets rough. it’s not giving up on the board you must break, no matter how many tries it may take.

State a simple fact, you should always think before you act. It’s standing in class, not a muscle you twitch, even if only to scratch an itch. It’s counting to ten when things make you mad – then walking away because fighting is bad.

It not showing fear or running away when trouble is near. It’s knowing in life there are some risks you must take, and along with the way some mistakes you may make. It’s standing up proudly and thinking with glee – I’m OK! I can do it! I believe in me!

Student Creed for Wilde Lake Karate

We, Members of Wilde Lake Karate, commit to the following principles:

  • Strength: We will diligently work to strengthen our bodies.
  • Mental Sharpness: We will cultivate sharp minds to excel academically and in life.
  • Respect: We pledge to always demonstrate respect to everyone and uphold good manners.
  • Honesty: We will practice honesty in all our actions, maintaining the highest ethical standards.
  • Responsibility: We take full responsibility for our actions, understanding their impact on ourselves and others.
  • Positivity: We will maintain a positive attitude, fostering an environment of optimism and encouragement.
  • Loyalty: We are loyal to our Dojo, instructors, fellow students, and our families, supporting one another’s growth.
  • Trust & Respect: We will wholeheartedly trust and respect our parents and teachers, recognizing their guidance as invaluable.
  • Follow Directions: As dedicated students, we willingly follow the directions of our parents and teachers, knowing it leads to our betterment.
  • Family Values: We hold family values in high esteem, honoring our mothers and fathers, nurturing sharp minds, and building strong bodies.