Belt Test

What Color Belt he/she will be testing to
Belt Testing Time Requirement No-Belt to White Belt 1-2 Months White Belt to Yellow Belt 2-3 Month Yellow Belt to Orange Belt 3-4 Month Orange Belt to Green Belt 4-5 Month Green Belt to Blue Belt 5-6 Month Blue Belt to Purple Belt 6-7 Month Purple Belt to Brown Belt 7-8 Month Brown Belt to Red Belt 7-8Month Red Belt to Dan/Bo Belt 9-11 Month Dan/Bo to Black Belt 10-12 Month
Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions
We will Notify you of Exact time.
$50.00 For No-Belt to White Belt.$100.00 For Yellow, orange, green, blue and Purple Belt.$130.00 for Brown Belt$150.00 to Red Belt
Master Note and Grading Area