Dear Parents,

We, the staff at Wilde Lake Karate, are so excited and honored to have your child as a part of our Fun and Learning Summer Camp 2023.

Below you can find helpful information about any aspect of our program:


Make sure your invoice is paid in full or partial payment is paid as stated on your invoice.

For questions about your invoice, please email our billing at

Change your weeks or request a payment plan.

You have time till 06/01/2023 to make changes to your summer camp registration or request a payment plan.


We require masks for indoor activities at Wilde Lake Karate, masks for outside activities are optional. Please send a face mask with your child daily.

The covid mask policy may change.

When on field trips, if the business does not have mask restrictions, the students (parents) may decide if they want to wear a mask.

Camp Daily/Weekly Activities for A & B Group

Students will be assigned to A or B Group every Monday

B Group (Older Kids) ages 9 and up

A Group (Younger Kids) ages 5-8

Camp Daily/Weekly Schedule 

Camp Requirements

Daily Requirements.

  1. Camp T-shirt: (Must be worn every day, No Exception; students may be excused from outside activities if they don’t have a camp T-shirt (T-shirts will be given the first day of camp)

  2. Closed-toe shoes (For Students ages 5-8 years old, we request shoes without laces)

  3. Comfortable shorts or gym pants

  4. Bottle of water with your child’s name on it

  5. Swimsuits, towels, and Spray Sunblock

  6. Face Mask (required for all indoor Activities) (Mask Policy may change)

  7. Lunch and Snack (we have a refrigerator and microwave). You can send lunch money with your child (money must be given to staff). Staff will accompany you and buy lunch for your child

Lunch Places and options:
– Pizza Boils (Pizza and subs) cost $6.00 and up.
– Bagel Bin (Bagels & Sandwiches) cost $6.00 and up
– Chinses and Indian Restaurants also serve lunch for $10.00 and up.

  1. Check our weekly/daily schedule for all Activities Here

  2. Wilde Lake Karate Summer Camp Activates Schedule and Information:

Students will be assigned to A or B Group every Monday

Daily Activates (all activities run by teaching and a fun way for students to enjoy camp)
Taekwondo Classes, Karate Classes, Self Defense Classes, Gymnastics, Playground, Soccer, Flag Football, Tennis, and Games indoors and outdoors
Other sports (TBA)

Swimming & Swim Lessons

Each student will get a chance to go to the pool twice a week for swimming and swimming lessons; please bring swimming equipment every Monday.

B Group (Older Kids) Swim days are Monday and Wednesday

A Group (Younger Kids) Swim days are Tuesday and Thursday

Drop off & Pick up
All students must come in from the front door
No sign-in or sign-out needs from parents, as our camera system will capture all activities.
Please drop off and pick up your child on time per your registration.

Camp Hours

Regular Camp (6:30 am-4:30 pm)

All Day Camp (6:30 am-5:30 pm)

Regular Camp (8:30 am- 4:30 pm)

Extended Camp (8:30 am- 5:30 pm)


1. Be respectful; Be honest; Use self-control; Be responsible; have fun and enjoy the camp

2. Buckle up in the van/car and ask for help if you can’t put your seatbelt on.

3. Put belongings inside the cubies.

4. No running inside the building unless you are instructed.

5. Use inside voices.

6. Do not TOUCH, PUNCH, HIT, KICK, PINCH (or any other form of contact) another student or instructor.

7. Follow all instructions and directions that your instructor gives.

8. No bad language or name-calling is allowed; we always respect each other.


To maintain a safe and quality program, we occasionally find it necessary to apply our discipline policy.

We feel that effective and positive ways of behavior management are:

1. REDIRECTION: We will stop the child and calmly learn what has happened, why, and how they see it, and then suggest other ways of handling the situation. Then, we will redirect their attention.

2. SEPARATION: We will have the child play apart from the rest of the group and rest for a short time. This allows them to calm down. Then we will explain other ways of good behavior.

3- A parent conference will be held if a child’s behavior remains problematic. If there is little or no improvement in the child’s behavior after the parent conference, termination of enrollment may become necessary.

Termination of enrollment will be at the discretion of Wilde Lake Karate After School.

For your convenience, you can find almost every piece of information on our website.

Since we will have a few trips to Skyzone, please complete their wave to ensure that your child will be allowed to participate.

Skyzone Waiver form  

Please email us at with any questions.


Master Kevin Agahi (7th Dan from World Taekwondo Federation)

Director of Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center

Meet the Staff

Master Kevin Agahi

Master Tania Agahi

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Master Charles Wallace

Head Instructor Ramsey

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Assistant Instructor Timothy

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Nurse & Health Staff Rosa Agahi

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