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All-day Programs 
Ages KG-8th
We Understand the needs of many parents who have to go to work that's why Wilde Lake Karate & Learning Center designed this program.
Starting September 8th, 2020, Wilde Lake Karate providing a safe program for all-day 
Early drop off at 7 am - 5 pm
Each student will have their own station to do their virtual school work
We have installed a desk divider between each student, each station has its own hand sanitizer and all students must have a face mask.
Face masks are used most of the time during all Virtual school hours and during sports activities.
We have Installed the hand wash station in front of the building.
Our landlord has been kind to us to provide us additional office space for Virtual classes on the 2nd floor in the same building.
1) Assuring the completion of the daily school-related requirements 
2) Providing tutoring to those in needs
3) Daily Karate and gymnastic class
4) 20 minutes book reading time 
5) Snack time
6) Free play-time if completed homework
7) Martial arts Classes
9) Gymnastics
1) Face mask & Face Shield
2) Laptop or any other device that is required for completing Virtual school homework, in case students don't have their own computer we will provide you with a computer.
3) The student may bring their own book for reading time if they wish. Otherwise, WLK would offer books for various ages.
4) Lunch, Snack or money for lunch and snack (Staff will provide you with a list of restaurants that students can buy food.
5) Bottle of water with your child's name on it.
a) WLK is offering transportation for parents who are not able to drive their children for an additional cost.
b) WLK accepts early drop off to those parents who need to go to work early.
To remain consistent with the CDC guideline, all students must own and wear a mask at all times. WLK will provide hand cleaning agents. Hand hygiene will be reinforced after bathroom use and before consuming snacks. Due to the new rules and having limited available spots, the registration will be first come first serve. 
The register is open Space Limited 
To Register and request pricing For All Day Program please email us with your information at
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