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Dear Parents,

Welcome to summer camp 2019, our staff at Wilde Lake Karate are honoured to have your child or children part of fun and learning summer camp.

We will split all campers in 2 Group of A (Younger) and B (older) with some exceptions.  

 You can download and print out each week summer camp schedule from our website at


 List of Daily required items for Camp

Summer Camp T-shirt, Must be wear daily (will be given on the first day of camp)

Lunch, beverage and snacks

Swimsuit, towel

Sun block (must be applied before coming to camp)

Plastic water bottle marked with camper’s name.

Books to read (We like to have any camper to have 15-20 minutes of Reading time)


Note: Sending money with the camper is an option, but has to be reported to our staff.

If money is sent with the camper, money must be given to the staff to keep in office until the lunch time.

 Lunch discount is available to campers by Pizza Boil’s and Bagel Bin 

 Pizza Boil’s

Small Pizza $6.00

Fries $2.50

Fries with cheese $3.50

Soda Can $1.00 Bottle $1.50

8”Sub $6.00

Every else in menu 20% off 

 Bagel Bin

Pizza bagel with drink (Juice or Water) $5.00

Turkey sandwich (Juice or Water) $5.00

Ham sandwich (Juice or Water) $5.00

BLT sandwich (Juice or Water) $5.00


Important Parent Information

1. Pick up times: please pick up your child on time, if you need more time please call in advance.

2. If your child has fever or any other contagious infection/condition, they must wait 24hrs before returning to camp.

3. Wilde Lake Karate will not be held responsible for the loss of any valuables.

4. Any electronic, including cell phone, iPad, game, etc…, must be reported to the staff in the beginning of the day, (Due to amount of activities in camp they may not able to use electronic

5. Children must wear their designated 2019 summer camp T-shirt at all times.

6. Summer camp weekly schedule and activities are available online.

7.Students who are staying in extended camp are welcome to bring Board Games to camp.


Rules for Campers


1-     No Running –Unless you told otherwise

2-     No shutting and screaming

3-     No touching each other - unless self-defense classes and you been told by istructor

4-     All trash must be put in trash can and  Clean after yourself

8-     bathroom rules must clean the toilet by paper towel and disinfect spray after use

 Out door

1-     No running out in the court yard and No shutting and screaming

3-     No touching each other

        At playground no going over blue tub

6-     Not kicking the  mulch outside of playground are

7-     No one allow to pass the red sculpture at green area

8-     Playing with balls and any play toy must be by staff permission

Inside van

1-     Wear your seat belt at all time

2-     No yielding and loud talking inside van

3-     No playing or moving from your set inside van

4-     Don’t put any trash inside van

 At all time

1-     Respect your staff and each other

2-     Be honest to each other

3-     Use self-control at all time

4-     Do not touch or take if something is not belong to you

5-     No sharing any food, if camper forgot to bring lunch our staff will provide lunch for them.