Inclement Weather Camp Day

Up coming Inclement weather
We Must Have at least 12 students to sign up in order to have all day camp.
(Full day Before-After School Program Cost $45.00) (After School Program, Cost $55.00 ) (Evening Martial Arts Program, Cost $65.00) (Summer camp Program, Cost $70.00) (Half Day Cost is $25.00 for all programs) (School Delays Free for All Before school Program students and $35.00 for others)
Dear ParentsHoward County Schools just announced 2 hours delay for Friday, January 7, 2022.There is a very high chance that HCPS closes schools also.Please fill out the Inclement Weather form if you need either 2 hours delays or Camp, forms allow you both options.Inclement weather RegistrationWe open at 7:30 am tomorrow morning depending on weather conditions that might change, email will be sent out tomorrow if anything changes.

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